Dolce Vita's Chicks Dig Me


Dolce Vita's Chicks Dig Me aka Digs is now owned and loved by 

Peggy Poore ~ Alpine Labradors and

Tiffany Ginkel ~ Cedar Ranch Labradors

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Dolce Vita's Chicks Dig Me (Major Pointed)
(GCH Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive x GCH Dolce Vita's Kickin It Up A Notch)


w 09/07/13
OFA Hips Good / Elbows Normal / Heart Echocardiogram Color Doppler Clear / 
DD (Does NOT carry dilution) / Long Coat Gene Clear / Copper Toxicosis WT/WT Clear/Normal / Current CERF / Full Dentition
B/Y (Black carries Yellow)

Test    Genotype*    Interpretation
Centronuclear myopathy    WT/WT    Normal
Degenerative myelopathy    WT/WT    Normal
Exercise-induced collapse    WT/M    Carrier
Hereditary nasal parakeratosis    WT/WT    Normal
Progressive retinal atrophy, Progressive rod-cone degeneration    WT/WT    Normal
Retinal dysplasia/Oculoskeletal dysplasia 1    WT/WT    Normal
Skeletal dysplasia 2    WT/WT Normal

Digs is very proud of his son, Harlequin Winelight Rolo Tomasi on his RWD at PSLRA at the age of 9 months old.

Digs is also very proud of his daughter, Sunnydaze Booty Call on her best puppy 4 - 6 at PSLRA


June 7, 2015 ~ Woodstock
Winners Dog & Best of Winners 3 Pt. Major ~ Jim Russell ~ HySpire Labradors

SJVLRC ~ March 14, 2015
Winners Dog, Best of Winners & Best Bred-by (5 Point Major) ~ Sue Willumsen ~ Willcare Labradors

Western Washington Cluster ~ Puyallup, WA
January 2015
Best Op in Sweeps ~ Linda Maffett ~ Sunnydaze Labradors

IPLRC ~ October 10, 2014

Best In Sweeps ~ Kimberlee Silva ~ Shadowbrook Labradors
Reserve Winners Dog ~ Michael Silva ~ Shadowbrook Labradors

PSLRA ~ August 1, 2014
Best In Sweeps ~ Nancy Tanner ~ Heartsong Labradors
Reserve Winners Dog & Best Puppy in Specialty ~
Vonnie Russell ~ HySpire Labradors

PSLRA ~ August 2, 2014
Best In Sweeps ~ Brian Proctor ~ Cambridge Labradors 

June 7, 2014 ~ Eleonore Diehr ~ Elkens Labradors
Best In Sweeps

June 8, 2014 ~ Cindy Freeman ~ Quail Run Labradors
Best Op In Sweeps

March 2014

May 2014
Best in Sweeps
Best Op in Match



BISS GCH Sureshot HySpire Impressive

BISS CH Windfall Pipe Major

Ch. HySpire Darktown Strutter

BISS Ch. Raintree Slippery When Wet JH

Ch. Windfall's Black Piper

BISS Ch. Dickendall Arnold

CH Windfall's Win Storm JH

CH Janrod Tammy Why Not

Ch. Raintree Slippery When Wet JH

Rocheby Yorkshireman

Rickways Braemar Black Ice

Ch. Janneka Way's Sunny Side Up

Tweedledum Brookland Savoy

Janrod's Kissing Cousins

BISS GCH Dolce Vita's Kickin It Up A Notch

BISS CH HySpire Adrenaline Rush

BISS CH Boradors By George

CH Lenches Gallivant

CH Deer Runs Sweet Carmel Cream

HySpire Cavanaugh

BISS CH Windfall Pipe Major

CH Janrod Tammy Why Not

Am / BISS Can CH Devonshires Art of Elegance, WC

BISS Am. Ch. Valleywood Blackthorn Brier

Am/Can. Ch. Chancellor Merry

Valleywood Ballad

Am. Ch. Devonshires Sophia Loren

BISS Am./Can. Ch. Tormentil Labradale Primetime

Am./Int. Ch. Pine Edge Mibleulite Special